One thing I love about meal planning is that my kids are more willing to eat a variety of foods, because I let them help choose and plan the meals. Also, I think it reduces stress in both your life, and your kids’ lives when everyone knows the dinner plan. I like to put the meal plan up on our bulletin board, so the question, “What’s for dinner?” is always answered. 

There have been several studies that show that eating dinner together as a family is extremely beneficial for kids, and having the meals planned, shopped for, and ready to go, allows us to have a family dinner together every night. 

Here’s this week’s menu:

Monday 2/20: chili and cornbread

Tuesday 2/21: whole roast chicken, baked sweet potatoes, green beans

Wednesday 2/22: roast pork tenderloin, french rolls, salad

Thursday 2/23: pizza night (you’re on your own!)

Friday 2/24: sausages and cabbage, homemade hoagie rolls

Saturday 2/25: grilled BBQ chicken breasts, brown rice, salad

Sunday 2/26: 5 spice hoisin pork kebabs, grilled potatoes, grilled asparagus

Shopping List: Be sure to check your pantry, fridge, and freezer for items you already have. Because I am well stocked on the meats from Costco in my freezer, and on spices and dry goods, I have maked with a * the only things that I need to buy this week, so you can see how after you’ve built up a good stock of freezer and pantry items, most shopping weeks are quick and inexpensive.

Ground beef
2 pack whole chickens
2 pack pork tenderloins
Boneless skinless chicken breasts
Canned black beans
Canned diced tomatoes
*Unsalted butter
Spaghetti sauce

Chili powder
Spade L ranch chicken seasoning
Hoisin sauce
Chinese 5 spice powder
Canned minced chipotle chiles in adobo
Ground cumin
Dried oregano
28 ounce can crushed tomatoes
*Yellow cornmeal
*Pint buttermilk
Yellow onion
*1 head red leaf lettuce
*1 container grape tomatoes
*1 package dried cranberries with glazed *walnuts salad topping
Sweet potatoes (1 for every 2 people)
*1 package polska kielbasa sausage
*1 head green cabbage
Brown rice
*Green beans
Russet potatoes (1 per person)
*1 bunch asparagus 
After you’ve shopped, you’ll want to portion and freeze the meats; ground beef into gallon freezer bags in 1 1/2 pound batches, leaving one in the fridge for making tonight’s chili. Cut the chicken breasts into their individual 2-packs and freeze those. Cut the 2 pack of pork tenderloins apart and freeze those.

Now you’re ready for another great week of meals!