I’m breaking in my brand new instant pot tonight, by making shredded pork taco filling! It’s the same recipe as my slow cooker taco filling, but instead of 5 or 6 hours of cooking in the crock pot, the instant pot promises to have it done in 35 minutes of high pressure cooking. Here’s what you’ll need:

Place the can of diced tomatoes with green chiles and 1/4 cup taco seasoning in the instant pot’s insert. I sprayed mine with cooking spray.

The instant pot’s booklet recommended cutting the pork roast into pieces, so cut it up and toss it in the tomatoes and seasoning. 

Place the lid on and twist to lock into place.

Make sure the valve is on “sealing”

I will use the meat/stew setting, and set it for 35 minutes.

The unit will preheat, which takes about 10 minutes. It will say “on” while it does this, and steam may come out the valve.

Once the unit is heated and pressurized, the display will change to a countdown timer. Once the food is done, the unit will beep repeatedly, and then switch to “keep warm” if you chose that option at the beginning.

I didn’t need it to “keep warm,” so I pressed that button, and the unit switched to off. Now, you can either let it depressurize naturally, about 15 minutes, which is what’s recommended, or, if you’re in a hurry, you can flip the valve to “venting” to release all the steam and pressure fast. I let mine cool naturally. Be sure to turn the valve to “venting” to release any remaining steam before opening the lid.

Now, the results!! I mashed up the meat with my potato masher, and it shredded beautifully!

Then, I added some pinto beans.

Serve in homemade corn tortillas, with cheese, peach salsa, and lettuce.

And the verdict? Everyone agreed that the pressure cooker filling was better than the slow cooker!